About Snowfun

Think of the problems others are unwilling to consider, solve the problems others are unwilling to tackle.

Yarn Sourcing & Preparing

Our 30 years of experience have enabled us to build strong supplier relationships, ensuring a steady & ample yarn source for you. Our transparent pricing allows you to directly contact suppliers if needed—just like many of our satisfied customers. Get in touch and experience the benefits firsthand!

Design & Machine Programming

We believe that yarn is a fundamental element for knitwear, while the structure is key for a cloth. With our team of skilled and experienced designers and engineers, we are here to support and bring your ideas and designs to life.

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Knitting & Linking

We have various digital knitting machine that enable us to manufacture sweater from 1.5 to 14 gauge in order to satisfy client’s different needs.We keep tranditional machine to support some customers requirements. Linking quality highly depends on labor. We hire experienced workers and keep forster their tech.

Washing & Inspection

We will have pre-wash Inspection first, then washing with precision and eco-friendly. The washing machine’s spin cycle is carefully calibrated to minimize stress on the knitwear’s fibers.

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Our Mission

High technology, high standards, high quality as production requirements. Keep improving for better service.

Our Values

Attention to detail, striving for perfection, honesty and trustworthiness as company philosophy. Provide Best Service.

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