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From Concept to Design

What you only need to do is tell us your idea.
Let our professional design team bring your creative ideas to visual graphics for first approval.

We offer design fee for free


Lead time will be 1-3 days.
Experience fast sampling for your knitwear designs with our efficient and dedicated team.

Competitive Sample Fee


Lead time and quality are the most important things.
1. A professional QA team to secure quality.
2. Fast lead time is a key to check cooperation degree of a vendor. Normal lead time will be 8 weeks. We would fasten the lead time to support your business. 

High automatic and professional labor

Why Choose Us

Our low MOQ requirements and fast lead time are best for small and advanced business. We were growing up from small factory, so we are very clear that how difficult to build a brand and company. We want to offer something we could do to help small business. 

The key of our successful of today is ability of figure problem. Our founder has a slogan “Think of the problems others are unwilling to consider, solve the problems others are unwilling to tackle.” 

27 Years Experience


Quick Lead Time

Dedicated Support

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